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Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Hellouu everyone on my page:))

During the last few months, I was searching for a leisure activity in which I could find a new passion and can live out my creativity. After I had gained some inspiration and tips I made the decision to research more in detail and bought some books related to furniture makeovers. In the next step, I started buying the most needed resources and tools to finally be able to deep dive into this new adventure: creating new looks for furniture with a story.

After having bought my first pieces of furniture, I was finally prepared to start. Even though I informed myself about the process and steps involved in the makeover, lots of things were still about trying out and learning by doing. From piece to piece I have learned things that worked well and others that I would change for the future. However, my pieces will never be perfect but that makes them unique. They were created with time, effort, and love so that new looks and characters were created. Now I hope that I can inspire some people out there with my art to bring perfect imperfections to shine.

First of all lots of thanks to the people that supported me throughout this time:

  • Jorge, you always pushed me to discover new things and convinced me to finally start the project. Love you so much!!

  • My parents, that always helped me when I needed transport for new pieces, gave me new inspiration and joined me on my tours through the building markets.

  • Pero, you are not only a friend but also a huge supporter. So grateful for your creative inputs and spontaneous and motivating meetings. Looking forward to many more staging and picturing moments.

  • Thanks to my neighbour Reini, without whom this project would not have been possible. Thank you for believing in me and offering me your rooms and machines so that I could create my personal working space. Always nice to have you around while working.

  • Otmar, thank you for your support and the sander that you gifted me. Will use it for many more upcoming projects.

Thanks to all my friends that bring me new inspiration and motivation to continue with what I have started.


Leonarda da Vintage

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